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Notion API is retrieving old data

Is there any problem with the Notion API or is it failing?

I wanted to try some code that I programmed few weeks ago and it worked well and now it does not work. Also, it does not recognize any changes that I made. Let me show you an example.


The code I am using for this is:

def queryWithFilter():
    url = f'{database_id}/query'
    filters = {
        "page_size": 100,
        "filter": {
            "or": [
                    "property": "title",
                    "rich_text": {
                        "contains": "The One Thing"
            "Authorization": f"Bearer {token}",
            "Notion-Version": "2021-05-13",
            "Content-Type": "application/json"
    r =, json=filters, headers=headers)
    res = r.json()

Is there anything that maybe I am doing wrong? This code worked amazing few weeks ago.

1 Answer


polle Points79930

No problems with the API at this time.

I believe it is the cache, time to read the new values or rate limits. Unfortunately it is impossible for someone else to test unless they have everything exactly as you have in your setup.

It may help:
Wait 5 minutes to see if it shows the correct data. If that it the case, then it is the cache and time to sync.
Check the rate limit I linked, maybe that is the case.

Hope that helps.


GCancino commented

Yup, I tried waiting like around 24 hours or something to make a new request and I am getting the same old results -> Image

I tried with Postman and got the same. I'll try with cURL to see what happens.
But I am not doing anything fancy. Just a query request without filters.


polle commented

The only thing I can recommend is to reset Notion so it loads everything again from scratch, because the API is not having problems.

Hope that helps.

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