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Transfering Pages from Workspace to Personal Account


I have created a Workspace (without a team) just to try things and now I want to delete it, but transfer the pages to my own personal account first. How can I do that? Duplicating only puts a copy of the page into the Workspace and sharing without putting it online/on the web does not seem possible (?)

How can I save the data without having to recreate everything?

Thanks, Sue


Suebidoo commented

Sorry, found the solution ! I don't know how to delete questions...


polle commented

Please share the solution as an answer below and mark it as solved. That will help others with the same question. :)


Suebidoo commented

I wrote an answer. I seem to be too blind to find the option of marking a question as solved. I can only choose best answer.


polle commented

That one, best answer! :)

1 Answer


Suebidoo Points640

Here is the solution

  • Go to the sidebar and choose the three dots next to the page that you want to transfer
  • choose "Move to" and you will see your personal account as an option
  • it will ask you to confirm

Voila :-)

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