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How to set filter to only show current week?

Hello again,

I am working on my Meal Planning Database and have a linked view on my dashboard that I want to only show the current weeks meals.
I have searched the filters, but I could only find "due today or within a week from now" but that shows next weeks meals.
It would not bother me if I could see the weekdays, but having it like this right now confuses me when it comes to planning grocery lists.

Thank you,

1 Answer


polle Points79930

Create a new column called Week and set is as a formula.

Add this Notion formula:

formatDate(prop("Date"), "W") == formatDate(now(), "W")

Change "Date" to the name your property for dates has.

With this, the week property will show checkboxes and will automatically check the ones that are from the current week.

This way you can add a filter where week is checked and done.

Hope this helps.

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