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Using toggle lists in a data base table

I would like to create a table (database) where my first column (titled tasks or To-dos) is a toggle list so I can then create nested to-dos with their own respective rows. All the articles and videos I have seen simply show a list of singular to-dos .. for example, 'Purchase paint at hardware store.' But what if I need to speak to the store manager, and also pick up something for a friend, etc. I would like the option to nest these as separate items under the parent item. Does anyone know if/how I can do this?

1 Answer


polle Points79930

Notion block elements can only be used in page blocks and not inside tables. So it is not possible to insert toggle list like that.

What you are looking for is commonly called Notion sub tasks. If you go to my profile and visit my website, I have a free template that shows exactly that.

Also if you use that term in a quick web search, you can find a lot of other examples.

Hope that helps.

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