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I work in education. Right now we're testing Notion using a database with a block for each student. To note the schools they have applied to we are using a multi-select property - but I also need a report/database that lists out each student with each school they've applied to (and add more information).

Ex: David applies to Schools A, B, C, and D. Those are all listed in the multi-select. But I also need a database or report that lists David 4 times with schools A, B, C, and D separately. Is this possible?

I also thought of an inline table/database for each block that includes the extra information. But if I have 200 students/blocks each with their own inline database or table, can I create a new database or perhaps a report that pulls those tables and consolidates them? Hope this is clear enough.

1 Answer


polle Points79040

You need 2 Notion databases for this.

1- Students
2- Schools

Once you have those 2 databases, you just need to relate them. That will let you select to which Schools the student applies and create views and filters to see the information in any way you need.

In case you want to have everything in a single students database, having check boxes for the Schools is another approach, that way you just have to check the Schools and done.

Hope that helps.

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