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Fill up automatically relations between 2 databases

Hello and thanks for the time you take helping me !

Here's my problem : let's say I have 2 DB, one with names (only first and last name) and the other with grades (with first name, last name and grades). What I want to do is to be able to access the grades from the first DB. So I used what Notion calls "Relations" and it work. My only issue is that I have 100+ names and a lot more grades (because there's not only one class) and I can't find a way to fill the column "relations" automatically, by using the name as common value (or ID). Do you have any idea ?

I'm at your disposal to clarify things if ever there's something I didn't explained well.
Thanks in advance ! :)

1 Answer


polle Points79930

You can't fill the Notion relations automatically. For your system to work you will need to create the complete databases, entries, relations, rollups, etc...

After the complete setup is done, then things will work automatically with all the new information you enter.


jeriko420 commented

Thanks you for you answer, I'll do the rlations one by one then ^^.

I just have an other little one (still with the 2 same DB) : Let's say I assign every grade of each student thanks to relations. If I have a new grade, can I just import my new DB and it'll be linked or should I redo every rerlations again because I've change the DB ? If so, is there a way to avoid wasting my time making relations everytime I have a change or a new grade in my second DB ?

Thanks in advance !


polle commented

You will have to relate everything new. The best approach is to prepare things for more than needed and exceeding the exact number of clases, students, etc...

That way you will have everything ready with dummy data in case it is needed.


jeriko420 commented

Alright, very clear ! Thanks again for your help ! Have a nice day/night :)


polle commented

Glad to help!

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