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How to link information between multiple databases

I'm using Notion for personal use to keep track of magic tricks I've performed for friends and family. I have three different databases that I want to be able to share information between.

Repertoire Database - This contains the name of the trick and some other information about each trick I want to keep track of.

Friends Database - This contains a list of my friends and family that I've performed magic for.

Performance History Database - This contains the name of the person I performed for. I've successfully created a Relation so that I can link the trick's name in one column to my Repertoire Database and my friend/family name as a Relation linked to my Friends Database.

What I'd like to also do is create some sort of Relation in my Friends Database that will look at my Performance History Database and show me all the tricks that I've performed for that particular friend. Is this possible and if so, can anyone offer a suggestion?



1 Answer


polle Points79040

You can do this with only two Notion databases.

1- Repertoire Database.
2- Friends Database.

Relate the two databases and then in the repertoire select your friends or the other way around.

This will show you exactly that in both databases, in front of the tricks database names a column with your friends and in front of your friends database names a column with the tricks performed, so you can see the information in both.

If you don't need any extra information, that will work.


Wilktone commented

Thanks, Polle, but I'm not sure this will serve my purposes. On the Performance History Database I have a bunch of other information that I want to keep record of that would not fit in the other two databases (location of performance, date of performance, reaction, and notes). In my Friends Database I just need to be able to see what tricks were performed for what friends. My Repertoire Database also includes a lot of information that wouldn't jive with the other two.

But I'll play around with what you're suggesting and see if I can organize into just two databases, maybe hiding some columns as needed.




polle commented

If you need extra information, you can add that third database (or as many as you need) and relate them as well with the other two. Once all are related, you can rollup any property from the other databases.

First create a relation property and relate the databases, then create a Rollup property and pull the information you need.


Wilktone commented

Polle, thanks again for your suggestions. After playing around with it I was able to get what I wanted connected between my different databases. Thanks!


polle commented

Glad to help. Please select the answer to mark the question as solved.

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