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Calendar by property with dateFomat() function

Hey guys, I added a formula property in my database and what to add a number of days to the today’s date depending on the status of another property. So I put the now() function in my formula and then add days. Then I wanted to only display to date and not date and time so I wrapped everything in a formatDate() function. Now I want to use a calendar view and show it by the date from my formula but after I wrapped my formula in formatDate() I can’t to this anymore. I think it’s because with the formatDate() function it’s not a date anymore but a string. Any ideas on what I could do? Thanks a lot.

1 Answer


polle Points78510

As the Notion calendar view needs a date, you can add an extra property to do the formatDate and only display to date.

1- add the extra property
2- hide the date and time property
3- use calendar by date and time property

That way you will see it as you need and use the calendar as well.

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