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Win 7 and emoji

Dear comunity, I've started to trying using Notion but I Have problems with emoji because on Win 7 they are not correctly visible (strange symbols appear) and also can not be retrieved with the combination "Win" + "." Is there a way to see emoji on Win7? we use them as alert symbols and are very important. Thank you. A. Borriero

1 Answer


polle Points79930

Not a Windows user, but I can tell that this is because of your system, your Browser or extensions you use.

If the Windows commands are not working, it may be something with your system, config, remapped keystrokes, etc...

I suggest that you try with another Browser to see the result (or the app) and for the emoji window try the Notion natural one that is : followed with a letter to prompt a search.


labredox commented

Dear Polle,
thank you for your answer: we'll try your suggestions.

Surely is a guilt of Win 7 that is not compatible with emojis.

Hope to find an alternative as you suggest.

Best regards.

A. Borriero


polle commented

Glad to help. Please select the answer to mark the question as solved.

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