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Native Notion dark mode and light mode hex code colors

I am designing a Notion Dashboard and that has some graphic elements. I did some tests taking screenshots and picking the colors there, but strangely those change in different screens and you can notice the colors.

Anyone know the native Notion dark mode and light mode hex code colors for web and desktop and if they change depending the platform in MacOS or Windows desktop Notion App and browsers?

2 Answers


bensomething Points2440

You can find the majority of the colours used in Notion's interface, including light and dark versions, at the following link. As far as I know they're consistent across platforms.


nosy commented

Thank you, this is exactly what I was looking for.


polle commented

Hey @bensomething are those the oficial ones from the code?


Nazzareno Points200

I would suggest using some browser extention like Colorzilla in order to have precise color values from web pages:


nosy commented

Thank you, but after some tests, I am looking for the official Notion hex codes for all platforms to have a safe design in my Notion Dashboard.

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