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Emojis 'disappear'

Something odd is happening when I try to use emojis in Notion.

  1. If I do /emoji, the dialogue is presented but not populated:
  2. If I use Windows + . I get the list:
    However, on selecting and inserting, I see it inserted whilst the dialogue is displayed:
    But on closing the dialogue after an initial sight of it clicking in the block causes it to disappear:

Does anyone else have this problem? And any ideas how I can fix this?

Thank you

1 Answer


polle Points82410

Emojis are loading fine in Notion, I believe this may be a local issue.

You are not sharing where it happens, Notion Windows App or Browser.

I suggest the following:

1- If you are using the Notion Windows App.

  • Download the latest version to be updated.
  • Reset App & clear local data.

2- If you are using a Browser.

  • Delete cookies and cache.
  • Login again.
  • Try a different browser.

After that emojis should load correctly in Notion.


Lizat commented

Thanks polle, I had flushed cache which made no differnce but now have rebooted and all is well. Wierd!!!!

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