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Working out sum for specific fields

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Hey sup! making like a price list, i wanna make like two fields/blocks, one of them should be how much £ with the ones with the status column marked as Yes. The other should b the £'s added up for the ones marked as No. how'd i do this?

1 Answer


polle Points79930

An easy way is to create two new properties using Notion formulas to have the sums separately.

New property Yes

if(prop("Purchase") == "Yes", prop("Price"), 0)

New Property No

if(prop("Purchase") == "No", prop("Price"), 0)

Then at the bottom of both new columns you can select "Sum" in the Calculate options. Also you can rollup that information into other databases if needed.

Hope that helps.


theLadEli commented

Awesome thanks so much! Is there a way to hide the columns and show the results of each on a separate block?


polle commented

You're welcome, if this solved the question, please select the answer to mark it as solved.

To show it separately you can create a new database with rollups showing the sum, but not in a normal Notion text block. Just create a new database, rollup the information and choose a view that suit your needs, like a gallery or list view for example.


theLadEli commented

If i do it in a new database, than it'd just be two columns with all the numbers. is there anyway to have just the sums? like all columns added up displaying only?


polle commented

Sure, it is as I said above. If you create a new database and rollup that information, you can show only the sum and you can show it with the different views Notion has for databases.

A Youtube search for Notion Rollups may help you understand it in case you are not familiar with that. :)

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