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Count Multi-Select Tags and sum for specific fields

Hi! I'm making a table for split the annual payments of my family streaming services.

Diferent members of my family shares diferents streaming services and I want to create a table that if I select the streaming services on the prop Services, each one of the tag have a value.

Example. Asign a value to HBO in $20
Asign a value to Spotify in $15

If Mariana choose HBO + Spotify (multi-select tags), then show the sum of both values ($35)

Thank you!

Here ist a screenshot of what im trying to achieve.

1 Answer


thomas_yang Points2080

Instead of using tags, this seems easier by using 2 database setups instead.

I created a template here that you can check out:

Additional video breakdown on how it works:

Let me know if this solves your problem :)

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