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Simple sum() in rollup returning 0


So, I have this numeric property where I insert the total hours of study of that given day. All days are in the same database.

I tried making one table view to track the sum of the hours, but when I try, either through roll up or formula, I get a 0. The database is correct, the column is correct. Have some empty values, but even with all of them with numbers, i can't get another result.

What I may be doing wrong?

Image of rollup
Image of formula

1 Answer


polle Points80400

Notion formulas work by line and not by row.

Using prop("Study hours") or sum(prop("Study hours")) its exactly the same, you are not making any sum as it is only one property.

Without seeng the complete thing is difficult to say, but the Rollup already shows the sum of Study hours, so the formula should do something else?

Always 0 menas that all your rows are considered as empty, but if you explain the complete scenario, I will try to help you.


Rhappy commented

The problem is that neither the rollup or the simple sum() formula are working.

I have this numeric property inside card on my daily database. Each card is a day of the week. Something just like the image.

I have created a table view with the rollup where I can access this property. But when I use sum(), the result is always 0, no matter if all the cells have bigger values (i've tested with some empty, some 0 and all full with numbers > 0)

You see.. i'm not trying to do the same thing twice (sum the property). I just can't make any sum() work ):

image from database

(In the image above, the numeric column is the last one. The table view can be seen in the original question)


polle commented

The important thing to know is what are you using sum for.

Property relation.
Property rollup from the relation using sum.

What is in the relation column?

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