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Cannot See Shared Page From Another User On Mobile Device

Recently been having issues viewing pages on my iPhone shared with me by another user. This only happens when using app on my phone, computer (Windows) works just fine. Been happening for months, neither user has changed any settings in their account. Tried deleting and reinstalling the app on iPhone, did not fix issue. Suggestions welcome.


polle commented

Please explain "having issues". What is the error you are getting in the iPhone?


AlexaJ7 commented

I see a blank screen when swapping to the shared account to see pages. When viewing on a computer I can see a list of pages within the account but there is a blank screen when attempting to view on the iPhone.

1 Answer


polle Points35780

I assume by shared you mean that you were added to the Notion page as a guest with some permissions.

I suggest that the owner removes you completely, then add you again to the Notion page as a guest. By your side log out and log in again in your Phone.

That should fix the issue you are having if everything else is correct, you are using the same account, etc...

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