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Dear Community,

I have a question on filter settings when using templates. Here's my setup:

I have 3 databases: Meetings, Organisation and Tasks.

For every meeting, I make a new entry in the meeting database and link the meeting through the relations property to the relevant organisation that I am meeting with.

Inside my meeting template, I have a view of the tasks database for tasks that arise during the meeting and tasks related to the organisation.

What I would love is a way to have the filtering settings in my view of the tasks database depend on the organisation property of the meeting.

Can this be done?

1 Answer


polle Points78510

It is possible using a "self reference" filter inside your Notion database template.

1- Create a template in your Meetings database and name it "New Meeting".
2- Inside that template include a linked view of your Tasks database.
3- Create a filter for that tasks linked database Where "Meetings (relation)" contains "New Meeting".
4- Done.

That will generate everything correctly for the new created Meeting, showing only related tasks to the meeting itself.


markus commented

Thank you for answering, polle.
This however would only show me the tasks that are related to that specific meeting. What I would like was to see the tasks related to the organisation.

That way, when I create a task outside of a meeting, I can relate it to the organisation rather than making a meeting to connect it to.

Similarly, when not being in meetings, I can get an overview of tasks based on which organisation it relates to rather than the meeting from which I created them.


polle commented

Tasks are related to specific meetings, not to the organisation in general, otherwise meetings are not needed and just relate tasks to organisations directly.

If you need to select the organisation when creating the task, just relate tasks to organisations, that way when you create a new tasks outside the meeting, you can select to which organisation and meeting is related to.

But I believe a rollup with the organisation may be better, that way it will be automatically pulled from the meeting.

After that you can create any filters you need for organisations, meetings and tasks.


markus commented

Makes sense. I wanted to be able to both create tasks and relate them to organisations on the fly and then have them in my meeting notes.

A roll up that returns the organisation from the meeting sounds like it could work. Thank you :)

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