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1 page 7 tables relating to a customer. Want to create template that auto fills the filter on each table when page is created.


polle commented

Please extend a bit to understand the complete scenario.

What should be auto filled?
Are those relations needed?
What does the template should have when creating a new item?
Which filters should be applied and based on what?

Because content can't be auto filled, but maybe what you are trying to achieve can be done with just the filters and there is no content involved.


BillT commented


I want to create a template where all the filters to tables are set to the same variable. All the tables are linked to "CustomerName" and I want to filter all the tables so I can see all the entries to a specific "CustomerName". When I create the page I don't want to have to go to each table and filter for the same customer name 7 times.

Does that make sense?

1 Answer


polle Points79040

You are looking for a template with a self reference filter and that does exactly what you are looking for.

When you are in B database and click a new item, it will automatically create that entry for only B and you will only see B items.

For example, you can have a tasks database and a clients database. Inside each client you can add a view of the tasks database and filter it by the client itself, so you only see tasks for that client.

A template with that tasks view can be created and it can be filtered as self reference, so every time you create a new client, when creating the tasks view (from then template), it will automatically be self filtered to that new client.

Not easy to describe a step by step, but give it a try and also a quick search in YouTube can help.

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