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Hide or control items when selecting from a related column in Notion

I have some related databases in a Notion page and I select items from the column that has a relation.

The problem comes when I archive them. I go to select a new item in the relation and the complete old and archived items appear to be selected.

Is there a way to hide or control what items appears when selecting items from a related database?

That way when selecting something, I don't have to search or scroll 90 items, when I actually just want to see the active 10 in the list, because all the others are archived.


carlosmatias commented

I'm also interested on this question. When creating a relation with other table and trying to select a value on it, it shows all items at the related database. Is there any way to filter which ones are shown, or maybe to link to a view instead of a Database?

1 Answer


Saritanotion Points1020

Would it work if you added another column and figure out a way and code the lines someway. That way you could duplicate the table and filter for only the lines needed and then just copy the link for the filtered copy of the table.


nosy commented

Sorry but I am not understanding what are you suggesting. It seems that your solution is to have 5 databases (for the same thing) with different status to then be able to select what you need from each one of them, instead of one database, but as that makes not sense, please extend a bit.



Saritanotion commented

No I was suggesting duplicating the view of the database you have then filtering each view to only include the content you want.


nosy commented

Thank you. And how does that help with selecting the related items as I am asking?


Saritanotion commented

You would create a tag column and tag the wanted lines. Then when you copy and paste to create the duplicate view you go to “filter” then choose to filter by “tag” and chose only the tags you want. It asks if you want to save this view, choose yes and you will have a copy of your original database showing only the lines you wanted as designated by the tag you gave them.


nosy commented

Thank you, but I believe you are confusing things. That has nothing to do with my question.

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