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I am creating a life management system in Notion based on the paper-based system that I currently use. In my system, I generally have 3 categories (areas of life) that I separate things into - Personal, Work, & Professional advancement. I want to be able to create a dashboard for each of these areas and then pull up the pillars, goals, projects, tasks etc. associated with each area. Should I create an AOL database and roll up all this information from the other databases or am I better off just having a multi-select AOL- tag property in each of the other databases and create a filtered view of each of the other databases on the dashboard for each?

I hope this makes sense.

All insights into the pros and cons of each process are very much appreciated.

kind regards

1 Answer


polle Points82410

Either will work, but as this is a small Notion system, one database for everything and filtered views will work fine as you need it.

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