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Multi-row select in table

I want to select a range of rows in a table to delete them - not all the rows.

I expected that I would be able to highlight the row and use shift but this doesn't seem work

Am I missing something?

1 Answer


polle Points78510

You have different options to select Notion rows and shift also works, but not when the pop up options are visible.

The problem you are having is that you are highlighting the row using the dots that show a menu for options, so shift is focusing there and not in the table itself.

1- Click outside the table at the left and drag to select a single row.

That will select the row without showing the options and shift + arrow will work as expected.

2- Click outside the table at the left, drag to select all rows you need and release.


Lizat commented

Hmmm, I has sort of found out about the various options except that I cannot click and drag, there must be a magic spot but damned if I can find it!What generally happens is I end up with the whole thing moving - well. it doesn't actually move because I drop it. It just seems really tricky.

Any tips?


polle commented

Just go outside the database at the left and click there, in the page itself, not the database.


Lizat commented

I should have been clear this is a simple table and not a db.
Nonetheless, I tried and cannot get it to work.

If you have the patience take a look at this:

Thank you


polle commented

I see, for simple tables blocks in Notion you can't select multiple rows, it is one by one, assuming it will be a "simple table".

You need an inline database for what you are trying to achieve and you will be able to manage everything as expected.


Lizat commented

Ok thanks for sticking with it polle!

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