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Can I share a page without sending an email invitation/notification?

My colleagues are going to be sending out emails/documents to people that include links to specific notion pages. Is there a way I can grant those guests access now, without notifying them? The email is meant to be an intro/first contact so I don't want them getting notifications from notion prior, and it might be hard logistically for me to grant access simultaneously or immediately after those emails are sent.

1 Answer


polle Points79930

For the Notion notifications and access, you can't invite or add someone to a Notion workspace without a notification, like in any other online service, the user has to be notified, they have to accept, create an account, etc... Otherwise you could add 4600 users to promote your spam content. Makes sense?

Now, if it is going to be public, just activate share at the top right and send them the link, that's it.

That will be a Notion pubic page shared online and anyone can see it. The users are not added to the page, they are just being able to see it, like a blog post.

If it is private and the users should be able to edit or add content, you don't have to grant access and then invite, those two actions are a single one, invite.

In the page you are going to share at the top right add an email, set permissions and the user will be invited with granted access, you don't have to invite and then grant access.

Hope that helps.


dghk commented

Thanks Polle.

On OneDrive you can create a shareable link that only works for people/addresses you specify - it only sends a confirmation code to their email after they click the link, then they can go through the account creation process.

I was hoping for something like that, so instead of getting an invitation email from notion, we could embed that invitation link in our own email/document.

I know it's an uncommon case, but we only want them to see the notion pages after they've received the email - the (minor) issue is that I'll be otherwise engaged for half the day while those emails are planned to be sent out. I understand my ideal solution doesn't exist, so next best solution is to ask my colleagues to share the pages after they send the emails out.


polle commented

Then you can do it the same way.

Copy the Notion page link in the 3 dots at the top right.

Create your email introduction with all the info you want and include that link in the email.

After sending your email, paste all users emails in the Notion invite section and done.

That way all users will receive your document, information and Notion link before being invited and after your email they will receive the Notion invite.

This will also help your users to have your info email as reference and links.


dghk commented

Yeah, that's basically the plan now. The issue was just timing - I usually take care of all the admin on Notion, but won't be able to do that for half a day after the emails are sent. Different pages are being shared with different people, so it's a bit more involved than pasting in a list of emails. I know it should be straightforward to ask/teach my colleagues to do it, but I was just hoping I could sort it out myself ahead of time.


polle commented

I see, then yes, it will need to be manual for each page, as there is no way to custom invite by link at the moment, maybe Notion adds this in the future.

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