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Share a “limited” database

Hi, I have a question about a technical issue that I have been working on for a few days and it is impossible for me to solve it.

I put in context: I have a master database, where all the information of my customers is stored. Each client has a series of properties, one of these properties is the "collaborator". The collaborator is the person responsible for this record. For each collaborator there is a view that filters and shows only the ones assigned to that collaborator.

I would like to be able to share to each of these collaborators only the view that they have assigned and that they cannot see the rest. How can I do this?

1 Answer


polle Points81400

You can't. If you share a Notion database with someone, they will have access to the complete database, even if the view shows less or filtered items.


whoisadrirs commented

So there is no other option for what I want to do right?


polle commented

Just using Notion there is not. You can try external tools like Make to create some automations.

One database per client and a master one, then the automation copy items from the master database to the client database.

With this you share the client database without having the complete master one.


sylmobile commented

Hi all.

I am looking at similar requirements. I have found a way to copy subsets of a private database that includes all the information I access to other copies for others to access.


But I can't find a way to copy the underlying database entry pages as well.

Any thoughts, anyone>


polle commented

Hey @sylmobile !

Without seeing your Notion databases structure, relations and Make automations it is impossible to know.

It may be easier to ask Make, because there is the problem to copy, not in Notion.

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