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Can we integrate the Mendeley database in Notion?

For research students, I have seen that Zotero database can be integrated in Notion. However, some students use Mendeley as the Reference Management Tool. So, like Zotero, can Mendeley be integrated in Notion?

1 Answer


polle Points79930

You will be limited to third party solutions or to create a custom one.

Automation tools like Zapier and Make does not support Mendeley, so you will need something like Tray to see if it suit your needs, otherwise you will have to create a custom Mendeley integration using the Notion API.


Debarshi commented

Thank you for your answer. I am quite new to Notion and it may take me a while to learn how to create custom integrations using Notion API. So, if somebody has been able to create a Mendeley integration successfully, kindly share.


polle commented

Just keep in mind that using Notion and becoming a Notion expert has nothing to do with working and developing something using the API. Those are two completely different things, you can be a very advanced Notion user and not a developer that codes integrations.

It is possible as an answer to your question and you can use external services as shared above, but if you need something specific, you will need to build it from scratch.

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