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Format number of days into years, months and days

can i format teh results of datebetween into years and months?

2 Answers


nutsinbox Points290

See if this helps. I couldn't think of a way that keeps the month and the year, but there's a way to show up the months:

concat(format(abs(dateBetween(prop("Start date"), prop("End date"), "months"))) + " months")

Or even, if you just want the number:

abs(dateBetween(prop("Start date"), prop("End date"), "months"))


Hi, this formula will give you Years and Months between the set dates.

E.g. if the "Start date" was December 4th 2020 and the "End date" was July 17th 2023 the result would show:

3 Years 7 Months

concat(format(abs(floor(dateBetween(prop("Start date"), prop("End date"), "months") / 12))), " Years ", format(abs(mod(dateBetween(prop("Start date"), prop("End date"), "months"), 12))), " Months")


brownsugar7210 commented

Hi Martin,

I've been using your Notion Years and Months between calculation formula and it works great. However, I'm having trouble adapting it for cases where the "End Date" is not defined. I'd like the formula to default to using the current date (now()), but I'm running into issues when trying to implement this.

Could you provide some guidance on how to modify your formula so it uses now() when the "End Date" is not defined? Any assistance you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance xx


Martin_SystemsHill commented


this is the formula that relates the number of years and months to "now" every time:

Hope it helps.

concat(format(abs(floor(dateBetween(prop("Start date"), now(), "months") / 12))), " years ", format(abs(mod(dateBetween(prop("Start date"), now(), "months"), 12))), " months")

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