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Displaying related db properties other than (as well as) Name

I have two tables:


The Tasks table: each task is assigned to ta Person and that is by relationship which works fine. I know in the dropdown for the (in this case Person) relationship I can add fields (this is my workaround). What I want to do is show another property on the Task table in addition to the person's name, in this case 'Difference to UTC' so that the viewer has an idea the Person's time in relation to their own timezone and knows when might be best time to contact them.

This is a generic problem that would be handy to solve - it's a query or view in another life

Thank you

1 Answer


polle Points78510

In the Notion Person database you have to add that information in a new property, let's say "Best time to contact" column.

Now in the Tasks database as you already related Persons, you can create a Rollup to show that information automatically.

That way Notion will show the info exactly as you need.

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