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Workaround: Different access rights to database and view of it

Dear community,

I would like to have the following logic:

  1. Private database: Only I have access to
  2. Public "view": More users have access to it

The public "view" should contain some data from the private database but not all columns and only where one select property is "shared". Notion has a setting that you can only access a view if you have access to a database, so every viewer of the public "view" can access the private database.

What is your best idea for a workaround? The only solution I found is decribed in this article by setting up several Make automations to sync two separate databases. Is there a better way?

Thanks a lot in advance!

1 Answer


polle Points79040

There is no way to share specific items from a Notion database with other users, the complete database is shared.

Hopefully Notion implements this in the future.

For now, your only option is as you pointed, create your own automation to sync from the full database to another database only the specific items you need in that shared database.

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