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Images & hotspots

I want to add hotspots to my images and then link to a page. I can't see a way to do that right now.... anyone found a way?


Lizat commented

Ok. So, I thought I would do as I have somewhere else and add links to the objects, edit the SVG to tidy it up and use that. However the image when loaded into Notion doesn't seem to recognise the links (hotspots), note it does recognise them when opened directly in a browser.

I am using Visio, adding a link to a shape, saving as SVG then editing eth file to remove extraneous titles (they show on hove normally and apply to every shape so not all are required). Then upload to notion. I have used this method in several other placed - last time in Dokuwiki which I am not transferring from.

I think Notion must be blocking the natural svg feature.

Has anyone had any success with this? Why aren't the links recognised?


polle commented

As I said in my answer below: you will have to search for an external service that allows you to embed SVG content like that into Notion.

You can't paste code expecting that Notion will render it. No HTML, no JavaScript, no nothing. Notion is not for web development.

The only way to make this work is using an external service that offers that, like all other widgets available from different services.

For example, you can't add HTML code to display a weather widget, but you can use a service that offers weather widgets that work with Notion.

Hopefully that makes sense.

1 Answer


polle Points78510

There are no layers in Notion, you will have to search for an external service that may allow you to embed content like that.

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