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Formula to check if time is now() ?

Hi everyone !
I’d like for a field to return a checkbox if the date AND time reflected in the « Date » column are equal to now(). However, I can’t seem to get anything to work.

I’ve tried:

formatDate(prop(" Date "), " LLLL ") == formatDate(now(), " LLLL ") 

(In this case, « L » and « LLL » work, but it stops working once I’ve added more L’s)

formatDate(prop(" Date "), " DD MM, YYYY, HH ") == formatDate(now(), " DD MM YYYY, HH ") 

(Again, in this case, it works until I add the HH)

formatDate(prop(" Date "), " DD MM, YYYY, HH:mm ") == formatDate(now(), " DD MM, YYYY, HH:mm ") 

(Same result as above)

My Date/time format is set up to full format, and generates dates as follows, for example: 3 november 2022 07:00-18:30

I can’t find any time formulas online that do what I want here, so I've just been throwing around different formulas, like above.

Would you guys perhaps know of a way to set this up ?

1 Answer


polle Points79040

You have to check if now is after the start time and before the end time, try this Notion formula.

if(now() > start(prop("Date")) and now() < end(prop("Date")), true, false)

Keep in mind spaces for property names in Notion matter, " Date " is not the same as "Date", so name your Notion properties properly to make things work.

Hope that helps.


deprechanel commented

Hi there !
Thank you so much - that formula worked! :D

Also, re: the " Date " thing - it was just a copying error here as I use French on my laptop and it automatically pastes French inverted commas, which I then edited out in the question post, but it left spaces. It's set up properly on Notion :)


polle commented

Glad to help! :)

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