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MAIN PROBLEM: I can't add into a Rollup another Rollup

Gm, there is anyone that can help me using Notion? I have this problem
I have 3 columns Units-Connections-Instruments, Units is related to Connections (Units (Relation) - District (Rollup) - Region (Rollup)) and Connections with Instruments(Connection (Relation)), it doesn't make me insert the Rollup Dinstric o Region that are presents in Connections, how can I get Dinstric not having a direct connection with Units but passing through Connections?
If you want i have a video
Thank you

1 Answer


polle Points79460

You can't Rollup a Rollup in Notion.

You will need to add an extra property (column) as formula to mirror one of Rollups and then use that formula as you need in your Notion system.


FranZC commented

Oh, thank you, and how can i mirror one property ?


FranZC commented

I have got it, Thank you so much


polle commented

Just call the property with a Notion formula, something like this.


That will mirror the content of Region and then you will be able to use it. Just keep in mind types, as it is not the same text, numbers, dates, etc...


polle commented

We wrote at the same time :)

Glad to help!

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