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I'm fiddling with task dependencies. I have a table in which single items use several formulas to determine the best end date to use. Items can be chained on a precursor-sucessor relationship.

Now I'm trying to pull the latest end date from the related preceding items. While this would not pose a problem if I were to consult only manually set dates in date fields, it is a problem with dates calculated in formula fields. I was thinking to go via an intermediate step, first showing all original values available into a rollup field and then grab the latest one from that, but I can't seem to get that to work. Coming from
max(prop("Precursors End Dates (all)"))
which only works with numbers
I tried
formatDate((date(max(prop("Precursors End Dates (all)")))), "YYYY-MM-DD")
but that doesn't work either.

So I'm kind of at the end of my rope. Perhaps someone can help?
That would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance - LX

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