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What I liked about Fellow was that I can create a list time, I can see myself on the right:

() Something                (my avatar)
   () Sub-itme              (my avatar)
() Something else           (jonh's avatar)

Is it possible to replicate this in Notion?

1 Answer


polle Points78510

I assume you are talking about a Notion database with different items.

If that is the case, you can add Person property and just select the users in that column. This will show the person in front as you are looking for.


schultz9999 commented

Will it work automatically or do I have to assign by hand? I can see Notion shows "Last Updated By" if I open the menu; that's what I want to be shown without any need to do something in addition.


polle commented

Person is for selecting someone, like to assign a task for example. Last Updated By will work automatically if that is what you need.


schultz9999 commented

Database List View is a flat list as it appears. I can't have nested items as I outlined in the post. Right?


polle commented

Correct, there are no nested items visible in Notion database views. You can have anything you want inside each item, but not in the main view.

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