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Is it possible to create and copy an entire workspace as a template?

I have a CRM workflow I have created with several linked databases and pages that I have stripped down into an isolated workspace. I would now like to present this entire workspace as a template, maintaining all the database relationships and pages allowing others to import all of this into their own workspace.

Is this possible?

1 Answer


polle Points79930

Yes, you have 2 options to create a copy of your Notion CRM template.

1- If it is for you, in the sidebar right click or click the 3 dots over the main page of your template and click duplicate. After that you can just use that or move it to another Notion Workspace.

2- If it is for someone external, at the top right enable share and the option to duplicate. You can share that link and people will be able to duplicate the complete template.

Keep in mind that you need to have everything under one main page to work and not external databases.

Hope that helps.


notion0x1 commented

Thank you, but I am a bit confused. The whole CRM workspace I created consists of several linked databases and pages.

For example: Contacts page consists of some text and the copy of the contacts db., linked to a communications db, which has a separate page with a few different instances of it and both contacts and communications linked to a finance db.

Are you indicating that I should create one page with all the databases and their relationships on that page?


polle commented

You can create 50 pages and 50 databases if needed, but all of them need to be under the same page.

1- Create master page.
2- Inside that master page, create another 50 pages and databases.

Then you share the complete thing (1) and it comes with everything else (2).

If the pages and databases are not inside a main master page, it will not work.

¿Makes sense?


notion0x1 commented

Excellent thank you. That will actually help me to organize my current workspace better as well.


polle commented

Glad to help. If you consider the answer to solve this, please select it.

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