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What needs to be typed in Notion linked database search box?

In Database, in a main Name Field, I have added linked vaalues from another databse field for ex. @123, @abc @xyz @A1 @A2 @A3 @A100,

but when I try to filter data on name field column with linking character @, or simply by A1, A2 and @123, @abc @xyz @A1 @A2 @A3 on...

the results are not showing.
So what needs to be type in search box to searching field of linked database?

1 Answer


polle Points78510

This happens a lot for Notion users, you have to scroll in the results window to see all the results. The same happens when you use the global search in Notion.


thomas_yang commented

Currently it's not possible to search it via the general Search functionality.

However, it's working when you search in the specific database.


polle commented

It is working fine here, try to reload Notion.

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