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ios widget on iphone

On my iphone only (iPad works OK), the iOS widget is able to show some pages (first widget option), but not others. After changing several things about the page (icon, cover photo), I cannot get these pages to display properly in the ios widget. For certain pages, it just stays blank, or shows the Notion cube and "something went wrong".

Deleting and adding a new widget, restarting the Notion app, and restarting the phone does not help.

1 Answer


polle Points79040

This for sure is something local in your configuration and it is hard to tell without having direct access to test.

I suggest to first confirm you have the same iOS on the iPhone so it is compatible with the widgets options. If not, update the iOS.

Another option is time, it may take a bit to save the state in Notion and pulled by the widget with the updated info. So give it some minutes, because it is not instant.

There is nothing else to do here, as you already tried what is recommended. So if you have a compatible iOS, with this and repeating what you already did should work.

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