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I tutor students one-on-one for standardized tests. These lessons are pretty robust and require planning + frequently viewing their progress "as a whole".
So I track each lesson in in detail, but feel like my current setup is being pushed to its limits and that I need another solution.
For my Student Directory, I have a Notion page with a table that has all my students (presented in a card-style view).
When you click on any student, it opens up a new "page" (I don't know if you'd consider this a "page" as it's more of a row from the table opening up into what looks like a page).
Within that opened-up "page"/row, I have a ton of general properties (like school, age, disabilities), and they hide when empty, so that works great for me.
Underneath this I have the lesson notes for each session. I have a general template that I copy/paste for each session that looks like this:
Date —
Reviews and Corrections:
‍ Lesson Content:
Next Time:
Over many months of working with a student, this just stacks on top of each other, creating this long ass vertical hell of the student's time with me. For the first few sessions it's easy enough to see things at a glance, but over time, no matter how organized I make this, I find myself feeling lost looking at the page. Is there a better way to do this? The student's profile page is already a "row of a table" itself — should I create another table within this page? What would you suggest? Thank you!

1 Answer


polle Points79930

I believe you are doing it correctly having the things related to each student.

If the lessons are a lot, I suggest for example creating views for each month, that way you will have the lessons database in each student profile and you can go by month instantly to review the things you need.

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