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My goal is to create a product database and pull some of the data from this table, e.g. product name and price, and display them as a list, then have a checkbox in front of each product, so I can send this form to my client and collect their answers into another database, then I can create an invoice based on that data. Is it even possible?

1 Answer


polle Points78500

Just send them the Notion page itself so they can check there what they need and reference it using rollups in your other database.

I believe that is what you are looking for.


hiroober commented

Hey Polle,
Thank you so much for the reply! But what confuses me is that if I share the link with my clients and give them the right to edit(tick what they need), they'll need to register with Notion first, which is a lot to ask from an one-off client, given some of them may not be computer literate. Is there a way to make their lives easier?


polle commented

Then you will have to use another service and not a Notion page they can fill in or check options as you asked.

You can create a normal form with your options in a Google Doc for example (or any service supported by automation services) and using Zapier or similar, connect the form to Notion so it receives the information to the database you need.

That way you send a public form they can fill in and you will receive the results and information in the Notion database you choose.

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