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Mouse cursor icon is always 'edit text' in Chrome + Windows app.

Hi, has anyone else also noted that in windows, be it either the chrome version, or the windows app, the mouse cursor is ALWAYS on 'edit text'? It's okay-ish, but it's especially ugly when it's still this icon when you hover over the scrollbar. Is there any fix at all for this?

1 Answer


polle Points79930

Not sure what you mean with "always on edit text", but this for sure is a local problem with your system.

I can suggest you to do a Notion reset and try another browser to see if there are any differences, but if this setting is something from your system, then you will have to see what the problem may be there and change the configuration for the mouse.


Gustavolr commented

Look, thank you for replying: I was just as sure as you are that I would be fully ignored.

No, it's not a local problem because my gf is with the same problem, and my windows peers in San Diego (thousands of miles from here) have it as well.

And it is exactly what it sounds like: the cursor, when in notion, is always in "edit text". I'm usually overall indiffirent to that, but it makes me die a little inside when it stays like this in the scrollbar. For chrome I even installed an extension that allowed me to run a script that I created to query for all "notion-scroller vertical" classes and add a SIMPLE cursor = initial to them.

So, yeah, no, it's not a local problem. Just get access to a Windows machine and try it.


polle commented

I understand now, thank you for explaining.

That is the natural way Notion works. You see the cursor in edit mode in the complete page because you can start a block anywhere and it changes to hover (the hand or arrow) when you are over elements that you are able to click, like pages, a calendar, images, cards, buttons, etc...

See it as a huge text field where you can start writing in any place and as this is how Notion works, there is no fix to apply. Hopefully that makes sense.


Gustavolr commented

Np, thank you for being here for me and caring enough to try to find a solution.

The problem that I find is that, again, I'm 100% ok with it behaving like that inside the page. The scrollbar, IMO, is something that shouldn't inherit that behavior.

Is it like this on Mac as well?

Here's a loom I recorded the other day showing this behavior:


polle commented

Exactly the same in maOS (I use a Mac). Never saw the scrollbar in Notion because I scroll using the mouse wheel or the trackpad in the middle of the pages, so I never go there. But I agree, that one should change the cursor state to normal.


Gustavolr commented

I know, right! I don't know if you work in Notion or something, but it just seems so simple to fix hah

Then again, thank you for trying it out yourself and being so attentive to such a minor thing!

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