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Start Page not functional in Mac- or Windows-App

Hello together,

it seems that with a free account or with a personal pro account it is not possible to set a page as start page. It always shows the last page used.

Neither in the Windows app nor in the Mac app it works although there is this option under settings.

I would appreciate a tip


higgledy commented

This is really a silly monetization. Let's encourage users to pay by making the app a PIA

1 Answer


polle Points79930

That is correct, Notion changed to latest page used. You can use quick keyboard shortcuts to target your pages in sort order.

For example in macOS use "command + 1" and Notion goes to the top page in your sidebar, starting with favorites and if those are empty, it goes to the workspace pages.

Continue with 2 and 3 also using command. That is the quickest way to go directly to the top pages you want.

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