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Items sent to template button end up in trash

Hi everyone!

Fairly new to Notion, and have been watching a lot of videos, including this one from Simon @ BetterCreating:

At the 06:22 mark he explains how he dumps task items into a template button. I'm trying to do this in a project template so that I can easily reproduce a task list for a specific type of project. It all goes well until I drag 'n drop the items from the Task database into the template button - then the item shows up with a shortcut icon. When I click to open up the item, I get a banner at the top telling me this item is in the trash!!

Any idea why??


1 Answer


polle Points79930

You have to drag them one by one and not the complete list to create individual items inside the template. Also do not press any key in your keyboard while doing it.

That will work.


jsauve commented

Hi polle,

Nope - that's not it. I heard back from Notion support last night, and they asked me to reset my app on macOS; did that, but same issue.

Whether I drag 1 single item, 2, 3 or more, the items always end up showing as being in the trash. Grrrr....

I have noticed, however, that if I save the template and then create a project out of it, when I drag the items from the template button to the actual Task database, it does create the tasks. works, but I'd still be curious to know why the template items appear to end up in the Trash. (Oh, and when I look in the actual trash, the items are NOT there.)


polle commented

Strange. Without seeing the actual database and structure it is complicated to advise something, but I would do the template again to be sure everything inside it is fresh and new.

The idea is to confirm that the content the template is using, it is actually new and inside te template without being an external reference that may not exist anymore.

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