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Link CRM template to Projects and Tasks?

I'd like to link dates for follow up with marketing contacts with my Notion Tasks template database. I'm using the linked Projects and Tasks templates and created a marketing project. But I'm also using the CRM template for each stage of my marketing for each person in the CRM database. That's where the follow up date is included. Can I make that date show up on my Tasks? If yes, can you go through each step, please?

1 Answer


polle Points82410

Basically you need 3 things to do.

1- Create a relation between your Tasks and CRM databases.
2- Relate the tasks to the persons.
3- You have to Rollup the date from your CRM into your Tasks.

That will work exactly as you need. If you are not familiar with relations and rollups I suggest to look at a couple of videos and you will understand how it works.

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