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Rollup of Checked Boxes showing 0 - please can anyone help me?

Hi all (first time poster..! Sorry if this is the wrong section etc)

I'm new to Notion and I've building a Habit tracker/goal workspace.

I've followed a video to set up the main habits with progress bars based on aim etc. I need to add the logged figure in manually to update this at present.

So I've created a check box tracker with the same habits and my intention was to have the 'checked' number at the bottom the columns to populate the logged field of the main sheet. I've watched lots of videos and read blogs on roll ups to do this.

I created the relation and then the roll up and selected the 'checked' field of selected habit but its always showing 0. All the time. I've re followed the process and get the same result. It's driving me mad and I'm hopeful someone is kind enough to help.

Would anyone know how to get the figure to show?

On my daily tracker (the checkboxes) I have habits along the top and the dates on the left, doing down. I have checked what I've done across the day etc. The totals show in the calculate field at the bottom and its those figures I want to show in the main database that I'm logging manually at the moment.

Thank you.


ANerdyNotioneer01s commented

I would need to see a screenshot or a small video of the setup.
But first question is, did you select all the relations for the rollup to pull from?


gadget2222 commented

Thank you for helping me with this. I'm very grateful.

I've attached 3 pics to explain further but will talk you through them.

I have selected the relation to the database where I'm logging my tasks. (Q1 Goal Tracker). I'm checking the boxes. I then created the roll up and started to so this on the Cold Shower Column. This is the shower head icon.

I've checked 15 so fart but when I select that property in the roll up of number checked I always have had 0. Whatever option I select on that is 0. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

pic 1 ( - tracker sheet and you can see far right I have my relation.
pic 2 - This is where I want to see the total checked 'logged' from my tracker sheet. You can see far right the relation and the cold shower roll up, where I'd expect to see 15.
pic3 - this is the properties of the roll up I've selected, but seeing zero.

Thanks ever so much for looking at this for me.

1 Answer


Just as a quick glance at the images, your property relation of "My Daily Habits" property in image 1 and the "Daily Tracker Q1" property in image 2, are not related to anything. The rollup needs a relation to pull the information from.


gadget2222 commented

Thanks for looking further.
I think they are linked though. I've selected the relation of the table the when selecting the roll up I've selected that relation I created and then chosen the cold shower checked to count.

Check out pic 3 in the above post and I've added:
pic4 - (
pic 5 - (

thank you once again.

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