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Retrieve deleted content from a database property

Hi all,

Our team is using a Notion database to follow our work projects (+1300 entries to date).
One of the properties for each project is the owner of the project (property type is a person).

Unfortunately, someone in our team mishandled the database and edited the 'owner' property (maybe changed property type ?) and we lost all the content attached! > The 'owner' column is now empty.

I have tried to restore previous versions of the database, but it does not work.
How can I retrieve all historical content of this property?!


1 Answer


polle Points80400

If you are not able to load previous versions you have to contact Notion directly.

Click the question mark and select "Message support" to see if they can restore a previous version.

If you are using a free account, I suggest upgrading your Notion account so you have page history and version control in the future.


DoctorE commented

so does version control helps in databases, if you delete an entire entity / field ?


polle commented

Correct, depending on your Notion account you have more days to go back and that means everything inside a page.

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