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How set up a database sum to a site property?

Hi guys,

I am starting with notion and I have some issues now.
I have a database with some entries which will be summed up.

Now I want to refere this sum in a page property so this sum can be shown up in another database/ table (main-table).

I tried this with cross summaries and rollups and for one single page it is fine.
But when I add a new entry the cross summaries does not work any more because of other database entries/ references.

Ai. I think my description is not that could but I can’t really express myself better at the moment.
Can you understand what I want? Would be nice someone of you can help me out. Maybe I can implement this with a formula?

Thanks a lot in advance.


HollandDesign commented

Hey, if you don't mind i will like to take a look of your database so i can understand better


pauaber commented

Hey..sorry for being late with my response.
How can I give you a look in my database?

Thanks for helping me!

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