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Every day I create a Daily Page for the day's events/habits/journal etc. I then link this to a week/month/year which are each set with a date range. (If that could be done automatically would be awesome?)

I am trying to then get all the 'done' items to display in a filter within these pages: e.g. all tasks done in the month of December.

As far as can tell, this requires selecting the custom date parameters on the linked database view filter manually. Is there any way I can tell it to reference the page's property of the date range so it will automatically work when I use the month/week template etc?

(Ideally I could use this also for pulling my todos for the date on the 'today' page, so it's accurate instead of viewing 'today' if I'm viewing the day page after midnight as well, so this would be super helpful if someone can help me figure it out)!

1 Answer


polle Points79040

In the Notion views you have to create the filters.

For example in your monthly view use a filter where date is on or before one month from now.

That will show you always a month and the same applies for your weekly view.


mellyjc commented

This won't work the way I need it to: I want a static month, say December 1-31. If I used the "on or before one month from now" if I look back on my December page in February, I'll have the February month data, not December.

Alternately, if there's a way for it to auto-assign the tasks to a month when I create the task would work, but that would still require setting view filter parameters for the template every week/month, which I believe is even less ideal..


polle commented

If you want to have fixed months instead of the current month which I mentioned above, for example 12 views, one for each month, just add a filter with "On or after dec 1" and "On or before dec 31".

The same applies to every month or any date range you need in your Notion views.

Other approach is to use tags for the months, that way you just select the month and you can filter by tag. It really depends in how you have your complete Notion system and setup.

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