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How to automatically delete blocks

Dear all,

I am generating a page to keep track of the properties we see on the internet and when we can visit them. To make things easier, I created a custom template button "Add a new Land Listing". When I click it, a certain number of blocks get generated. What I am wondering is whether there is the opportunity to add a button within "Add a new Land Listing" that allows me to automatically delete the block generated by "Add a new Land Listing". Let's call the delete button "Delete Listing". If I were able to create "Delete Listing", I could easily delete a listing that is outdated or not useful anymore.

Is the function that I want to implement possibile to develop in notion?

Thanks a lot in advance,

kind regards.

1 Answer


polle Points79040

Both are not possible with Notion at the moment.

You can't delete blocks with template buttons and you can't delete database items with a template button neither.

To delete the database item (which include the blocks), you have to delete the database item itself.


notionExplorer commented

thank you so much for answering @polle :)

Sorry to hear that it can't be done. I hope it will in the future :)

Warm regards and thanks again



polle commented

Glad to help. :)

Keep in mind that just selecting an item and hitting delete in your keyboard deletes the item and you can also click the 6 dots at the right and select delete.


notionExplorer commented

Thank you :) Shall I close this post? If so, I don't find the option


notionExplorer commented

I found a work around: I created a page within the custom template button. In this way, I have a more organized overview of the house listings and I can delete the whole listing if needed :) It seems a much more elegant way to keep things tidy. It's more modular and I honestly love it!

I hope this can help :)



polle commented

Thanks for sharing!

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