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Remove Notion blocks from a toggle above?

How do I remove blocks from a toggle above?

1 Answer


polle Points78510

Guessing complicates a bit the things, so adding actual content to the question, an explanation and a link to a Notion example may help.

The idea is understand the problem you have in Notion correctly to help you the best way possible.

This is what I can imagine you are asking for.

Open Toggle.
Click Block 6 dots.
Select Delete.

Hope it helps.


Riajt commented

Thank you for your reply, yes sorry I should have been clearer. I am creating a revision page using toggles for active recall questions and I seem to have got subsequent blocks lower down on the page caught up in a toggle above. So I would like to know how i can keep the information i have entered but separate it from a toggle above. Sorry I am still trying to figure notion out and I am not tech savy. I hope that is clearer.


polle commented

No problem. Please create a Page, add an example and share it to see what you are referring to.


Riajt commented

Never mind I will have to try somewhere else for help


polle commented

Without seeing the problem it is difficult as said above. If you share it, I will help you.

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