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Sum formula for all items from the Relations property

I have a Relations property with multiple items (and some of them can repeat). I need a formula to count the total amount of numbers assigned to each of the items via the same formula. I only got as far as using

replaceAll(prop("Tag"), "Item 1", "1410") + replaceAll(prop("Tag"), "Item 2", "980")

but it gives me bonkers results: "Item 1, 1410, 1410980, Item 1, Item 1". How do I replace all of the same items and at the same time add all of this to get a sum?


andreymagnus commented

Oh I found how to get the numbers. Still can't get the sum though

replaceAll(replaceAll(prop("Tag"), "Item 1", "1410"), "Item 2", "980")

The result of the formula is "1410, 980, 1410" - just as I wanted. But I'm not sure how to count a sum within this formula as toNumber formula leaves me with just one entry (1410)

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