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Hey guys, I have a board view of a to-do list and each item has a formula that shows days since I last took action on an item. For instance, if I added notes to a task yesterday, I adjust the last action date (I purposely use a manual field instead of the last modified date) and the formula returns 1 (# of days between now and yesterday). When I edit the card property, I can add a bar to the view and specify the total days in that bar. So, if I set the total # of days to 7, the bar appears 1/7th filled if the formula returns 1.

I've got all of that, but it would be great if I could set the bar to be green if it's 1/7th filled yellow if it's 3/7ths filled, and red if it's 6/7ths filled, for instance. Does anyone know a way that I can accomplish this simply? Asking specifically for this application and not generally how to make a sliding bar elsewhere in Notion.

Thanks in advance.

1 Answer


polle Points79930

You can't have different colours in the same progress bar.

You will need to create 7 different formula properties, compare from 1 to 7 to show the result, have each one of them with a different color and then create a final formula to once again compare to then show the correct result based in your needs.

That way if 1/7 is equal to blue, if 2/7 is equal to green and so on.
The last one does the same and shows the prop itself with the correct color.

Hope that helps.

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