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Design Product Catalogue

I have a database with Properties like Product, Image, Description, Manual, Price... How can I automatically generate an image of products in a layout that I set up before. We can do this by using Powerpoint Slide Master... but we have to copy data manually one by one. Do you know any application intergating well with Notion that can solve this problem?

1 Answer


polle Points79930

You can create a template for the products database and that can have a default image as needed.


vanlinh136 commented

I would like to have a more customizable layout rather than the default of Notion (Board, Gallery...). I know a software named FileMaker, it is both a database and design application but only for Windows or Mac Os, not for Android or iOS.


polle commented

It is not possible at the moment with Notion. You can only use the views it has and for default content, you can use the templates.


vanlinh136 commented

Hope to see Notion feature update to take it to the next level. For personal purpose, Notion is number 1 app to manage many aspects of our lives. Certainly, it requires some basic skills of IT especially database-thinking. I use Notion for my small business (manage customers, suppliers, products, orders...)

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