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How to calculate production cost via formula.

Our database tracks blog content generation for clients. Each line item includes a multi-select column for author and a multi-select column for editor. I would like to assign a dollar amount to each author name and each editor name so that I can calculate total cost for each blog post. Hopefully then I can pull a list of blog posts completed within a certain time frame and get total costs for that.

1 Answer


polle Points79930

Create two new Notion formula properties in your database and use something like this.

Formula for Authors

if(prop("Author") == "John", 250, if(prop("Author") == "Charles", 300, 0))

John makes $250 and Charles $300.

Formula for Editors

if(prop("Editor") == "James", 220, if(prop("Editor") == "Rick", 430, 0))

James makes $220 and Rick $430.

The formulas are checking two names, you will need to extend them with more ifs to match your Authors and Editors number.

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